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1 week ago


I’m pretty sure I’m going to get tendonitis in my elbow just from trying to pump white mocha syrup.

1 week ago


1. FOR THE LAST FUCKING TIME! Get off your phone ^_^
2. Use your manners. Such as “Hello, good morning/afternoon/evening, how are you?”
3. Don’t cut us off while talking. This is a huge no-no as you will be decaffed for being a huge dick.
4. Don’t order any secret menu bullshit. We don’t like making it and we don’t like you for ordering it.
5. Last but not least. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS! I’m not your babysitter, clean up your garbage before you leave.

  • Customer: I'd like a quad shot tall soy milk vanilla latte.
  • Barista: Okay! That will be $5.70
  • Customer: Why?
  • Barista: 50 cents for each extra shot and a flavor, as well as 50 cents for soy milk.
  • Customer: I only wanted two shots and regular milk without a flavor, you got my order wrong.
  • *checks with other barista to see what they heard*
  • *customer did in fact order a quad tall soy vanilla latte*
  • *smiles politely while wanting to poison the latte*
"Please don’t pay by setting down the money on the farthest side of the counter closest to you."
- Every barista (via before-coffee)
1 week ago